School of Human and Social Sciences

Research group "Pain and Motion"

The research group "Pain and Motion" deals with the interaction of movement (or physical activity and/or sport) and pain. Thereby, basic pain physiological mechanisms are explored and especially highlighted in the context of movement and physical activity. Furthermore, this research group deals with the problem of chronic pain and its effects on movement and the musculoskeletal system. Here, we focus on pain diagnostics, movement analysis, and the evaluation of therapeutic procedures in clinical patient groups of hemophilic arthropathy and osteoarthritis. In addition, the sensitivity and processing of pain in healthy recreational and competitive athletes is of research interest. In this context, the question of how physical activity can lead to pain and how this exercise-induced pain can be prevented presents a further interesting research topic. The newly generated knowledge serves to improve the pain situation of affected individuals and thus sustainably increase their overall quality of life.

Members of the research group:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Hilberg

Dr. Fabian Tomschi

Pia Ransmann

Jamil Hmida

Alexander Schmidt

Marius Brühl

External members

Dr. Thomas Cegla

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